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Kimberly King was raised in Georgia where she obtained her medical degree at Mercer University school of Medicine, and completed her residency at the Medical Center of Georgia. She enjoys working with women to help them achieve optimal well-being.

Dr. King has over twenty years of experience in women’s health, with special interests in obstetrics, gynecology, hormone replacement therapy, and being a wellness advocate for women to achieve their healthiest lifestyle. She has brought over seven thousand new babies into this world, and has improved the lives of many patients since being in her practice.

In addition to her being affiliated with Tristar Stonecrest, Dr. King also has her own practice right down the road. Throughout the week she will see women of all ages, for all types of concerns. When asked what the most rewarding part of her job is, she says that hearing the difference she has made in someone’s life, is the most meaningful part of her profession.

In Dr. King’s spare time, you can find her in the kitchen practicing a new and healthy recipe she found online, she loves spring days at the farmers market and spending time with her boys. She has two teenage boys, and a sweet little puppy named Peanut. Peanut and her boys are spoiled when it comes to spending time with their adventurous mom. From skiing, to hiking, golfing and visiting her family back home, she likes to stay busy and travel when she’s not in scrubs.

Be sure to schedule a visit with her, whether it is for your annual exam, nutritional weight loss, or a new pregnancy. She will be sure to make a difference in your life, as she has so many already. Dr. King’s goal is to make your office visit as comfortable and convenient as possible. She runs and on-time practice with the goal of getting you in and out, and back to your busy day. Call us to schedule an appointment for gynecologic concerns, birth control, pap smears, medical weight loss, menopause symptoms or to discuss bio-identical hormone replacement, and thyroid testing. We are here to help you!

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